IVF/Fertility Care

With a dedicated Consultant specialist in IVF/fertility care, you are well assured of a comprehensive treatment option and becoming one of the proud mothers who have chosen clearview hospital IVF treatment.

Our Specialists will carry out a comprehensive reproductive health assessment with actionable results for you, tailoring IVF procedures and treatment for best IVF results and prevention of inherited genetic disorders

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Antenatal / Postnatal Care

Register for our antenatal and postnatal programs and be rest assured of safe delivery and intensive care after you deliver. Our medical team is always on ground to make sure you are well through conception, delivery and beyond.

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When you give birth to your beautiful bundles of joy, we will still be there to assist you in giving the baby world-class paediatric care.

Our Paediatricians are on standby to assist in any child related concerns your ward might experience. You are in the right place

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A minimally invasive surgical procedure where you dont neccessary need to be opened up. It is used in minor surgical instances such as removal of fibroids and Cysts

We a proud Obstetricians / Gynaecologists with over 15 years experience in the offer of gynaecological services .

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Getting yourself screened early to detect diseases and conditions like ovarian cysts and cervical cancer has never been wrong.

At clearview hospital, we offer Colposcopy services to help you with detection of these irregularities that might impair on your ability to give birth or even live a pain-free life.

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The inspection of the uterine cavity by endoscopy with access through the cervix.

If youre having a certain symptom like; heavy menstraul periods and severe cramping, oryour doctor needs to know more about your reproductive health, Hysteroscopy might be recommended.

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Wellness for women

Eating, drinking, excercising right,everything you need to know about women wellness

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Family Medicine

Father, Mother and Child health.

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General Surgery

Major and minor gynaecological procedures and surgeries

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